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Flat Blade Design allows accurate cutting new

#TW1500 Fine Precision Trimmer $17.99

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A very versatile tool made with a flat blade design allow close and accurate cutting of plastic sprues, resin and composite materials.

Control for cutting finest plastic sprues new

#TW1500A Ultra Fine Sprue Cutter $17.99

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Curved cutting head design allows super control for cutting the finest plastic sprues and parts. Cuts cleanly without crushing. Cuts perfectly down to the diameter of a human hair!

Cutting Matt new

#60030 Cutting Matt $9.99

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Cutting Matt in inches and centimeters measures 12  x 8.5 .

Six Sizes Scraping Tool new

#AL-K33 Six Sizes Scraping Tool $24.99

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Scraping tool has six sizes of working area on one tool: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 7mm.  Remove extra plastic material from hard to reach places.  Ideal for scratch building.

Holly Engraving, Scribing and Scraping Tools New

Holly Engraving, Scribing and Scraping Tools

Carbon Steel precision made tools created in a new ergonomic style.  Idea for panel lines, weathering distressing and paint effects.  Super long lasting nickel plated carbon steel tip is the most unique design to date.  Available in three thicknesses 0.1mm, 0.15mm, 0.2mm.

#AL-K46 0.1mm $24.99

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#AL-K47 0.15mm $24.99

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#AL-K48 0.2mm $24.99

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Color coded plastic handles, five unique shapes. Great for finishing hard materials. Quality diamond performance at a competitive price. Fine Grit Diamond

Diamond Reamer Set new

#FD630 Diamond Reamer Set $14.99

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Heavy Duty wood handle for better control.  Needle pointed diamond files are ideal for enlarging holes and detailing delicate projects.  Great for finishing hard materials.  Washable and long lasting.

5 Piece Diamond File Set new

#FD245P 5 Piece Diamond File Set $19.99

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#6116 Super Cutting Compass $19.99

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Makes perfect circle cuts, ideal for cutting masking materials.  Will cut down to 1/16” / 1.5mm circles and as large as 2” / 50mm.

Made with a titanium cutting blade for the best performance and product longevity.


#FD240P 10 Piece Diamond File Set $22.99

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10 Assorted Shapes, Ideal for getting into hard to reach places.  Long lasting resin bonded diamond particles.  Medium grit with plastic coated handles. Super Value!

Medium Grit Diamond


#721 Touch-N-Flow Work Base $9.99

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Now holds everything you need to keep your Touch-N-Flow and Solvent Cement ready for use.

No more spills!  Holds a 2 oz. bottle of Solvent Cement, Filler/Cleaner Bottle and Touch-N-Flow Applicator.  Molded of solid resin.


#722 Touch-N-Flow Work Base $14.99

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Base and Plast-I-Weld Solvent Cement included.

Adhesive Tip Applicator

#2716B Sticky Micro Stix - Strong Hold $11.99

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Strong Hold - Our strongest adhesive is designed for a stronger hold.  The pressure sensitive adhesive provides extra holding power.

Simply Pick, Place & Twist.  Hold and Place Small Items.  Designed for a stronger hold.

Contents: 16 Stix

Stainless Steel Tweezers

#1200 Stainless Steel Tweezers $11.99

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These tweezers are ideal for the precise model miniaturist!  Offered as a set of three, two sizes of straight and one unique curved design.  The micro fine tip allows precise handling of small parts and delicate components.

Brontosaurus Pliers

#301C Brontosaurus Pliers $19.99

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The “Bones” of a good work bench include time saving tools, another Great Tool from Flex-I-File!

Reach into areas like never before with the unique tip design making it a must have!  These pliers are perfect for picking, placing, and transferring photo etched items, plastic parts, or working on RC models.  Made of polished stainless steel.  Solid construction and smooth slide action hinge.  Superior quality for flawless results!

C/A Candle with Holder

#5555 C/A Candle with Holder $16.99

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A New Take on the C/A applicator!  Draw thin lines of liquid C/A glue with a capillary action designed applicator that fits into our Micro Pin Vice handle.  Ergonomic design with slight angle provides all the comfort needed for fatigue-free operations even during long work shifts.

Contents: Each sheet contains 2 of each size: 0.1mm, 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm

Magnifier Visor SPECIAL OFFER

#9008 Magnifier Visor SPECIAL OFFER $19.99

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Unique New Design comes with a 4 piece lens set and spot magnifier.  Can be used with one or two lenses.  Mix and match individual lens strengths to get the perfect magnification for your project.  Lens powers include 1.7X, 2X, 3X, 3.5X are large in size, lightweight and extremely well made.  The open design of these visors and large lens size makes your project easier to see, much brighter and more comfortable, even when wearing your regular eye glasses.  And YES batteries ARE INCLUDED.

Brush Duster

#8050 Brush Duster $4.99

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The Flex-I-file Brush Duster is extremely versatile and ideally suited for getting down into tiny panel lines.  The brush duster will also help keep your model projects clean from the dust that is always hazardous to a paint job.  This product is of high quality and is ideal for all of your special modeling projects.  It is a must for all Precise Model Miniaturists!

  • All those scribed lines that you had a hard time cleaning out before
  • The Brush Duster will also help keep your model projects clean from the dust that is always hazardous
  • Keeps all your models dust free
  • High quality brush for all of your special modeling projects
  • The Brush Duster is a brush for the precise model miniaturist

Part Saver

#9899 Part Saver $15.99

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Have you ever lost an expensive part… never to find it again? Eliminate your worries with the Flex-I-File PartSaveR.  As you work pieces fall into the PartSaveR instead of the floor.  With its handy bottom lip parts are caught in the fabric and are easily collected for use.

#9001 Forest in a FLASH - Maple $29.99

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Kit contains material to create realistic trees. Color Code: MAPLE

#9002 Forest in a FLASH - Oak $29.99

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Kit contains material to create realistic trees. Color Code: OAK

#9003 Forest in a FLASH - ASH COTTON WOOD $29.99

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Kit contains material to create realistic trees. Color Code: ASH COTTON WOOD

#9004 Forest in a FLASH - BIRCH ASPEN $29.99

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Kit contains material to create realistic trees. Color Code: BIRCH ASPEN

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