The Flex-I-File Family of Products

Flex-i-File 3 in 1 Set

Flex-i-File is the unique finishing tool acclaimed by hobbyists worldwide!  It is ideal for small scale models and projects made from plastics, metal, or wood.

  • Removing flash from plastic or metal castings
  • Smooths and polishes rough surfaces and seams
  • Follows irregular or flowing contours
  • Provides a delicate touch for hairline accuracy
  • All available abrasive products can be used for wet or dry applications
  • Readily adapts to inside and outside work.  Tapes thread easily through small openings.
  • “Flex-i-File” goes where other tools cannot and is able to clean edges of fine slots, tight corners, and interior angles
  • Unlike Needle files, “Flex-i-File” automatically follows compound curves, contour changes, and fillets without leaving scratches or flat spots
Enjoy family hobbies using Flex-i-File and Alpha products.

Flex-I-File Hobby Products are ideal for…

  • Plastic, metal, and wood mediums
  • Airplane Models
  • Ship Models
  • Military Models
  • Railroad Models
  • Model Cars & Trucks
  • Architectural Models
  • Miniature Figures
  • Dollhouse Miniatures
  • Armour

And much, much more.

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