Airbrush Cleaning Kit

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Air Brush Cleaning Kit

#7011 Air Brush Cleaning Kit $15.99

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Everything you need to keep your air-brush clean (see contents below)!  The Air-Brush Cleaning Kit is a box of prepared supplies that always seem to be just out of reach.  Keep your airbrush in top condition with these important cleaning supplies.

Contents: 20 Cotton Swabs, 4 Eye Droppers, 20 Pipe Cleaners, 4 Mixing Cups, 1 pair of Rubber Gloves, 1 Small Funnel, 1 Bottle for Thinner, 2 Cleaning Brushes, and 2 Wiping Clothes

Refill your kit with the contents below:

#7012 Cotton Swabs (20) $1.69

Needed to swab the paint out of the nozzle and the paint tube of your air brush.

#7013 Eye Droppers (6) $2.99

Mix paint by squeezing it up and down in the dropper until it is mixed.

#7014 Pipe Cleaners (20) $2.69

Swab the inside of the paint tube of your air brush.  A must that always gets missed!

#7015 Mixing Cups (5) $1.50

Hold your paint in just the right amount for air brushing use.

#7016 Rubber Gloves (1 pair) $1.25

To protect your hands from thinners.

#7017 Small Funnel (1) $1.99

You needed one, but just could not find it!  Here it is.

#7018 Bottle for thinner (1) $4.99

Keep it close at hand.  Squeeze the right amount of thinner into your mixing cup.

#7019 Cleaning Brushes (6) $2.49

Cleaning places you can not reach with other cleaning tools.

#7020 Wiping Cloths (3) $1.99

To wipe your hands and anything else that needs it.

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