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#721 Touch-N-Flow Work Base - New Design $9.99

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Now holds everything you need to keep your Touch-N-Flow and Solvent Cement ready for use.

No more spills!  Holds a 2 oz. bottle of Solvent Cement, Filler/Cleaner Bottle and Touch-N-Flow Applicator.  Molded of solid resin.


#722 Touch-N-Flow Work Base - New Design $14.99

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Base and Plast-I-Weld Solvent Cement included.

The Touch-N-Flow System

#7000 The Touch-N-Flow System $19.99

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Touch-n-Flow System is a 3-piece set including the popular Touch-n-Flow applicator, applicator squeeze bottle and Plast-i-Weld liquid solvent cement.  Use of the squeeze bottle makes a convenient way to fill and empty the Touch-N Flow applicator.

Contents: Touch-N-Flow Applicator, Squeeze Bottle, and Plast-I-Weld solvent cement.

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Click «HERE» for details, videos and instructions on proper usage.

Touch-N-Flow Applicator

#711 Touch-N-Flow Applicator $7.99

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The Touch-N-Flow Applicator is a light-weight, easy-to-handle tool for applying liquid solvent cements.  This product is gravity fed allowing an exact application of solvent cement according to the angle it’s held at.  The Touch-N-Flow has the ability to join seams with a single continuous application, apply micro-droplets with pin-point accuracy, and can reach into tight corners without runs or smears.  Reduce solvent cement evaporation and accidental spillage by containing a useable amount of solvent cement in the Touch-N-Flow.

Save your brushes for painting, with Touch-n-Flow Applicators you can:

  • Join seams with a continuous application - no stops to refill a brush.
  • Apply a micro-droplet with pin-point accuracy.
  • Reach into tight corners without runs or smears.

C/A Applicator

#805 C/A Applicator $7.99

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The C/A Applicator Tool is a unique device for applying Cyanoacrylate Cement.  To use this tool hold the C/A Applicator in one hand, and dip the double pronged tip into a small puddle of C/A Cement.  The C/A Applicator will pick up a small amount of C/A Cement and apply it where you want it!  To clean the C/A Applicator wipe off the tip with a paper towel or a piece of cloth a small amount of acetone will also help.  If the C/A Applicator becomes clogged or has a build-up at the tip, a small hobby knife will remove it.


#7112 Plast-I-Weld $6.99

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The Plast-I-Weld is a water-clear plastic fusing adhesive.  This product can dissolve a thin layer on the hobby/craft surface to form a welded joint.  The latest state-of-the-art approach for making fast, neat, positive, and permanent bonds on ABS, Styrene, Butyrate, and Acrylic plastics.  Its unique “low surface tension” formula assures speedy absorption into the joint, resulting in tight, secure bonds.  The Plast-I-Weld now comes in a Child Resistant CSA Approved container!

Specially designed for the Touch-n-Flow System.

The Fill-N-Clean

#720 The Fill-N-Clean $14.99

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Need to keep things organized on your work space?  This kit is perfect for spatial organization and is a great accesory for the Touch-N-Flow System.  The plastic base keeps your tools organized and the Touch-N-Flow level ready for use.

One-Drop Applicator with 2 Tubes

#6003 One-Drop Applicator with 2 Tubes $6.99

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The One-Drop Applicator Bottle allows precise control of solvent cement and other water thin liquids.  This product complements the Touch-N-Flow and provides ease when filling and emptying.  Available as a 1/2 oz. bottle with 25 and 27 gauge interchangeable steel tubes and protector cap.

One-Drop Applicator with Flex

#6051 One-Drop Applicator with Flex $6.99

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One-Drop Applicator Bottles with flex provide precise control of solvent cements and other water thin liquids.  Available as a 1/2 oz. bottle with 20 gauge flexible poly tube for precise control of thin liquids into hard to reach places.

Touch-N-Flow Filler Bottle

#715 Touch-N-Flow Filler Bottle $6.99

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This product is perfect for filling and emptying your Touch-N-Flow Applicator.  The Touch-N-Flow Filler Bottle is a 1/2 oz. bottle and 18 gauge stainless steel tube for filling.

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